$2.99 USD, $4.99 USD

You may submit up to three flash fictions or up to 5 micro-fictions at a time.

Flash Fiction: Each story should be no more than 1,000 words

Micro-fiction: Each piece should be no more than 150 words

All stories will be considered for publication online at FictionAttic.Com and our Medium site


$15 per accepted flash fiction (updated Jan. 2020)

$15 per accepted group of micro-fictions

Rights: After your story is published in Fiction Attic, you retain the rights to publish your story anywhere you like. We only ask that you link back to Fiction Attic Press. 

We accept previously published stories, as long as you own the rights; please let us know in your cover letter if the story was previously published. 

We are happy to link to your website or social media profile in order to help you further engage with your readers.

Submit one flash fiction - $2.99 or submit 3 flash fictions -$4.99

Submit three microfictions - $2.99 or submit 5 microfictions - $4.99

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.