Submit a novella-in-flash of 7,000 - 20,000 words. To be considered a "novella-in-flash," the manuscript should be

  • comprised of very short pieces, up to 750 words each
  • Each chapter/flash should have some ability to stand alone (though this is less important than the overall quality of the writing and the way the pieces fit together)
  • Taken together, all of the flashes should tell a complete story.

If we accept your novella-in-flash, we will publish it online in separate installments. We may also publish it as an ebook and/or in print.

Payment for serial online publication of the complete novella-in-flash is $50, payable via PayPal.

Payment for stand-alone ebook publication of the complete novella-in-flash is an additional $50, payable via PayPal.*

Payment for print publication in a future anthology is an additional $50 plus two contributor's copies.*


If we publish your novella-in-flash online, Fction Attic Press requires exclusive online and print rights for 12 months after publication, and non-exclusive rights indefinitely.

This means that you promise not to publish the novella elsewhere for 12 months after it appears at Fiction Attic, after which you may publish it wherever you like, in any form.

We retain non-exclusive rights indefinitely so that we can keep the novella in our online archives and include it in future anthologies.

If we decide to publish your novella as an ebook or in print, we will agree on rights prior to proceeding with publication.*

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.