Fiction Attic Press accepts submissions of flash fiction, short stories, flash memoir, personal essays, novellas-in-flash, and sketchbook stories. Beginning in December of 2022, we also accept craft essays and personal essays on writing for our On Writing series. 

If we accept your work, we will publish it on our substack site, Some stories will also be published on our legacy site,

Your submission may also be considered for publication in a print anthology. Please see below for submission categories and be sure to use the appropriate submission form. We look forward to reading your work.

We accept simultaneous submissions. If your work is accepted elsewhere while you're waiting to hear from us, just let us know. We'll be happy for you!

Payment: We pay $15 for flash fiction, $10 for a set of micro-fictions, $20 for short stories and essays over 1,500 words, $20 for sketchbook stories, $25 for craft essays, and $50 for novellas-in-flash.


Non-Exclusive Online and Audio Rights: We require exclusive electronic rights to the work for 3 months and non-exclusive rights indefinitely so that we can include your work in our online archives. We publish your work simultaneously at and We may also publish audio of your story (read and produced by Fiction Attic Press) on our substack site.

Print Rights: We require non-exclusive print rights, so that we can publish the work later in our anthologies. 

All other rights remain yours. You can publish the same work online, in print, or in any other way you choose. We only ask that you wait until three months after the initial publication to publish it elsewhere.

*For novellas-in-flash, please see separate rights guidelines on the submission page.


You may submit up to three four flash fictions or up to 5 micro-fictions at a time.

Flash Fiction: Each story should be no more than 1,000 words

Micro-fiction: Each piece should be between 100 and 350 words

All stories will be considered for publication online at FictionAttic.Com and on our Substack.


$15 per accepted flash fiction or flash memoir

$15 per accepted group of micro-fictions

Notification: Although we try to notify submitters within 6 months, we are a very small publication and may take much longer. You are always free to submit your story elsewhere while you wait to hear from us.

Rights*: You grant Fiction Attic Press the right to publish your story online at and fictionattic.substack,com, and to publish an audio version of your story on Substack. After your story is published in Fiction Attic, you retain the rights to publish your story anywhere you like after three months. We only ask that you acknowledge Fiction Attic as the first publisher of the work. 

Simultaneous submissions are totally fine. Please just withdraw your submission and let us know it is accepted elsewhere. We'll be happy for you!

On rare occasions we do accept published stories, as long as you own the rights; please let us know in your cover letter if the story was previously published. 

We are happy to link to your website or social media profile in order to help you further engage with your readers.

Fee: Submit one flash fiction ($3.99) or submit up to 4 flash fictions ($5.99)*

Our submission fees enable us to pay writers and keep the site running.

Fiction Attic Press seeks craft essays and personal essays on the writing life for our On Writing series. 

Essays should be 500-2,000 words.

Payment is $25.

This category is open to writers aged 15-18, including high school students and college freshmen.

Please submit a flash fiction or flash memoir of up to 1,000 words. Work must be completely original, created by you. You may submit up to three pieces at a time.

You may also submit original art in the form of sketches or photographs.

Fiction genres: we are open to any genre of fiction except romance and children's fiction. This includes but is not exclusive to literary fiction, sci-fi and fantasy, mystery, and cross-genre fiction. We tend not to publish fiction that depicts extreme violence.

If you are uncertain what genre your work fits into, don't worry! Just send it along. We are looking for strong writing that makes us feel and makes us think. You do not need to have any previous publications.

We pay $15 per accepted flash fiction, flash memoir, or collection of artwork. We send payment through PayPal.

You may submit up to three flash fictions or flash memoirs at any given time. Please do NOT submit new work until you have received a response on your previous submission.


Submit a novella-in-flash of 7,000 - 20,000 words. To be considered a "novella-in-flash," the manuscript should be

  • comprised of very short pieces, up to 750 words each
  • Each chapter/flash should have some ability to stand alone (though this is less important than the overall quality of the writing and the way the pieces fit together)
  • Taken together, all of the flashes should tell a complete story.

If we accept your novella-in-flash, we will publish it online in separate installments. We may also publish it as an ebook and/or in print.

Payment for serial online publication of the complete novella-in-flash is $50, payable via PayPal.

Payment for stand-alone ebook publication of the complete novella-in-flash is an additional $50, payable via PayPal.*

Payment for print publication in a future anthology is an additional $50 plus two contributor's copies.*


If we publish your novella-in-flash online, Fction Attic Press requires exclusive online and print rights for 12 months after publication, and non-exclusive rights indefinitely.

This means that you promise not to publish the novella elsewhere for 12 months after it appears at Fiction Attic, after which you may publish it wherever you like, in any form.

We retain non-exclusive rights indefinitely so that we can keep the novella in our online archives and include it in future anthologies.

If we decide to publish your novella as an ebook or in print, we will agree on rights prior to proceeding with publication.*


Fiction Attic Press seeks thoughtful, well-written essays and short memoir that surprise, delight, and inform us. We like free-ranging associations, unusual avenues, startling revelations. 

When you submit your work, you acknowledge that we may publish it either online, in print, or both. 

As of June, 2019, we pay $20 for each full-length essay we select for publication.  We primarily publish essays of 2,000 - 5,000 words. 

For flash memoir (1,000 words or fewer), we pay $10.


Submit a series of sketches consisting of three to seven individual sketches. The series should tell a story. We enjoy sketches that include a small amount of text, but you should interpret "sketchbook series" however you see fit.

Short Story

Submit one short story of 1500 to 3500 words. Stories are considered for online publication online on our website,, and on our Substack.

Is your story 1,000 words or fewer? Use our FLASH FICTION submission form instead.

Payment: We pay $20 per published short story.

Accepted stories may also appear in future print anthologies.

We seek to help authors reach new audiences. After publication, you retain the rights to publish your story in other journals or in your own book. 

Simultaneous submissions are fine. Just let us know if your story is accepted elsewhere.

Use this form ONLY if we have written to you requesting that you send more of your work. Any submissions through this form that have not been solicited will be automatically deleted.

Please submit up to three pieces of original artwork or photograph at a time.
Fiction Attic Press